PMac MM2 and AMBER Software: Wanted

Jose Nazario nazario at en.com
Fri Dec 27 15:00:35 EST 1996

Hello all. i have tried to find powermac versions (shareware, preferred)
of the software to do MM2/3 and AMBER calculations. i have found an old
68k version of MM2 that does not work on a PPC (sans PowerFPU) on the
macscitech ftp site, and attempted to mail the authoprs of the program to
ask if there is a ppc version (or for the source code for me to port) and
the mail was returned unsent. 
i have not been able to find the software on the net using the standard
search engines and am asking if anyone here knnows where i can find such
software. thank you. 
jose nazario		jose at cwxtl.bioc.cwru.edu

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