Chromas 1.3

Conor McCarthy c.mccarthy at sct.gu.edu.au
Tue Dec 17 22:33:06 EST 1996


Chromas is a Windows application which displays and prints chromatogram 
files from ABI automated DNA sequencers, and Staden SCF files which the 
analysis programs for ALF and Li-Cor sequencers can create. Chromas allows 
basecall editing and exporting of the sequence to a file or the clipboard. 
It also features reverse/complement and search functions. Version 1.3 
introduces an option to display either the edited or original sequence in 
ABI files, and fixes 2 bugs: The trace colors would become scrambled when 
an ABI file was loaded, saved in SCF format, and saved again, and the 
scroll bar did not work properly in the 32-bit version. You can download 
Chromas from:




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