help converting attachment

Martin Pion mpion at ARTSCI.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Dec 23 22:07:45 EST 1996

Dear All,

This is not specifically a scientific question but I have observed that
occasionally this group gets asked this type of question, and seems pretty

I'm using Eudora Pro 3.0 on a Power Mac 7500 System 7.5.2 on which I have
both Microsoft Word 5.1 and CorelDraw Wordperfect 3.5.

I am trying to receive a document exactly as presently formatted from a
collaborator who has a Compaq with Windows and WP v5, and access to AOL.
When he sends this as an attachment it downloads to my hard drive but is
converted automatically to MSWord so that some essential formatting
information is lost.

My Internet access is via PPP [using MacTCP ver 2.0.6] to a guest account
at Wash U, St Louis.

I have tried changing the Eudora Settings for Attachments so they are
stored in the CorelDraw Wordperfect folder, and selecting "Folders belong
to CDWP." There are 4 encoding options: Apple Single, Apple Double, BinHex
and Uuencode, and I have tried all four when downloading [it appears that
they only apply to outgoing attachments in fact].

No matter what I do the attachments are stubbornly converted to MSW text

Does anyone in Cyberspace have a clue as to what else to do to solve this

Many thanks for any input. Happy Christmas to all.


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