BLOCKS software

Charles A Miller oravaxcm at world.std.com
Mon Dec 23 01:03:16 EST 1996

Hello  I am looking for a prgram that will search the BLOCKS database
on a PC preferably running windows. I am looking for something that I could
download. I have tried patmat and was not too impressed with its function. I 
used macpattern and thought that it had a good interface and was easy to 
explain to others. In addition, if someone knows of a program that will 
search BLOCKS in DOS, but allows command line instructions (so that I could 
set up a batch file to search several sequences automatically) that would
be helpful. If the windows program allows several sequences to be selected
at once for searching, then the batch file would not be necessary. I'll say
in advance that I'm not interested in a WEB server approach (I know
that several are available)..


oravaxcm at world.std.com

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