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Matthias Wjst wjst at gsf.de
Wed Dec 18 11:24:02 EST 1996

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    T H E  F I R S T  M E D I C A L  S T U D Y   R E G I S T E R
                  ( M S R )  N O W   O N L I N E !
 Dear colleagues and friends,
 following an idea developed during the last two years, we are
 now starting an online database for medical studies. The 
 address is http://medweb.uni-muenster.de/msr/
 You will be able to submit your own study description, retrieve
 others by keywords including email and WWW address of principal 
 investigators. We think that this service could be a useful tool
 for scientific communication.

 The service is free and a joint project of Matthias Wjst at the
 GSF National Research Center in Munich and Thomas Ganslandt from
 the University of Muenster, FRG.
 W e  n e e d  y o u r  h e l p : To make the system work, 
 we need your study descriptions. It takes you only 5 minutes
 to enter one study. The value of the database is a function of
 the number of the studies and will be useful for later meta-
 analysis of never or only partially published studies.
 We have already included a German database from the German Research
 Departement. If you know of other suitable datasets we would
 welcome any suggestions. For comments and any error reports a
 special blackboard is available at the internet address above.
 The editors of several medical journals have promised
 to set a link to our site and to support us with an editorial
 comment after the end of the pilot phase by mid 97. So we welcome
 now also your contribution.
 Mit freundllichen Gruessen / Yours sincerely
 Matthias Wjst <wjst at gsf.de>
 Thomas Ganslandt <ganslan at uni-muenster.de>

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