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Andy Phillips andy.phillips at bbsrc.ac.uk
Fri Dec 20 06:28:40 EST 1996

Martin Offterdinger wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I wonder how to print a postscript file . I could not print it
> although my printer is able to recognize this format-it just does not
> print it -Please help me(I am a Windows 3.1 user)
> Thanks Martin

The simplest way to print a PS file to a PS printer from Win3.1 is to 
use File Manager to Copy the file to LPT1: (or whichever port you wish). 
There's also a free program called Ghostscript that will translate PD 
files for a variety of printers. Its companion Ghostview will let you 
view the PS file under Windows. If there's a problem with the PS file 
Ghostscript should help with debugging. Some printers (eg HP series) 
have an option to print error messages (accessible on the printer 
control panel) - this option is off by default.

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