Comparing pictures

Rab A. Harper harper at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Dec 16 08:40:49 EST 1996

On 12 Dec 1996, Fran GONZALEZ wrote:

>         I'm trying to make image analysis by comparing two digitized images
> from electrophoresis. I=B4d appreciate too much if some of you can advice me
> about a package for mac that could help me. Maybe, NIH image ?. I'm also
> interested in developing one application tailor-made for this purpose.
> Where can I get some source code to have an example ? Is there some
> software capable of translating black and white images to data matrix ?

You might want to look at Illustra.


Informix's VIR DataBlade module embeds the Virage image search engine in
the Informix Illustra technology server. Using VIR, you can search actual
image content. Matches can be based on the color, composition, texture,
and structure of images. By operating on visual properties, rather than on
keywords or textual attributes, VIR lets you think about images, not

I saw a demo where a pathologsit used Illustra to keep a database of
his slides and was able compare new slides to slides already in the
database. It looked rather neat.

Have a look at the demo at.


All the best

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