Frame Plot - Prediction High G+C Bacterial coding region

ISHIKAWA Jun jun at nih.go.jp
Mon Dec 16 01:44:21 EST 1996

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Genes of the bacteria which has high G+C content genome DNA,
such as Streptomyces, possesees biased codon usage. This results
in extremely high G+C distribution at the third letter of each
codon. This nature permits the prediction of protein-coding
region in such bacteria.
Results of Streptomyces, Pseudomonas, Mycobacterium, and
Micrococcus genes are available as sample.

Bibb, M.J., Findlay, P.R. and Johnson, M.W. (1984)
Gene 30: 157-166.

 ISHIKAWA Jun, Ph.D.	National Institute of Health
 (jun at nih.go.jp)	Dept. of Bioactive Molecules
                        Tokyo, JAPAN

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