software for counting colonies

Richard S Sucgang rsucgang at bcm.tmc.edu
Mon Dec 16 02:25:48 EST 1996

NIH Image should have no problem with this.
Just convert to grayscale, and then use threshold to convert
to a 1bit image, and use the count particles command.

Karthi Ramachandran (karthi at deakin.edu.au) wrote:
: Hi everyone,

: We are doing some genetics experiments that requirs counting colonies on 100s 
: of plates each time. We have the facility for capturing images of these plates 

: and storing them digitally. I am wondering if there are any software 
: commercial/ shareware/ freeware that will count the colonies from these 
: images? 

: Any pointers will be greatly appreciated

: Thanx very much

: Karthi. R

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