Tired of searching for sources and reading . . . How much?

J. A. Kiernan jkiernan at panther.uwo.ca
Mon Dec 9 11:37:32 EST 1996

In article <32AB5A7F.3E7C at ucla.edu> Dominik Jacobs <dominik at ucla.edu> writes:
>From: Dominik Jacobs <dominik at ucla.edu>
>Subject: Tired of searching for sources and reading articles?   Try Global
>Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 16:17:03 -0800

>If you need to write reports or papers but don't have enough time to
>look for the information you need, then let Global Search help you.

>Tell us about the project you're working on and the knowledge people at
>Global Search will assemble a comprehensive list of books, journal
>articles and Web sites for your academic needs.

>We will also, at your request, produce a personal summary of any book or
>journal article, giving your more time to work on your project and LESS
>time doing library research.

   This looks interesting. It would be helpful if
   you could post your price list for the various

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