Upcoming interactive electrophysiology >>>!!!!

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Sat Dec 7 04:18:25 EST 1996

Hej (danish version of hi)

Keep an eye on my homepage under the section THEORY.


When this weekend is over I will have posted a lot of very nice ActiveX
programs, that you
can run if you use Internet Explorer 3.0 final release (or later).

The programs that I will post here is : 

ActiveX title	Describtion
Nernst		Calculates Nerst potential interactively. Adjust z, T, conc out and
conc in.

GHK		Calculate membrane potentials with the GHK equation for 4 ions.

Dilute		Calculates volume off stock solution ot add to your final solution
to obtain a given conc.

Stock		Calculates amount of chemical that you need to add to create a
certain stock solution,
		some chemicals in the database.

Lars Thomsen, M.Sc. PhD.
115 South Oval, Hamilton, ON Canada L8S1R2
Email lthomsen at interlynx.net


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