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Paul Becquart becquart at lovelace.infobiogen.fr
Sat Dec 7 04:26:00 EST 1996

SI-Johanne Duhaime (duhaimj at IRCM.UMontreal.CA) wrote:
: Bonjour

: I know there are a lot of mail on plasmid software. But may be someone can
: help me.

: We studied different softwares (windows: Clone manager, Winplas, Plasmid 
: Toolkit, Vector NTI).   Few of them allow features like inserting a at a certain 
: base number (not only at a enzyme site), keeping historical version of the 
: construction etc. If fact only one of them allows such fonctionnalities but it 
: is to much expensive. Beeing so expansive, we told ourself: we will install 
: install a network version of the software and have a possibitity to have 
: different database files for differents users (which the selected software will 
: not do). But the software does not allow this.  

: If this is not a possibily, then we need a software less expansive that does the 
: work so that each researcher can have there own copy. But from the ones we have 
: been studying nothing satisfied us.

: Anyone have something approching the ideal software?

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