ANNOUCING: Primordial Life 3.1

Jason Spofford spofford at io.com
Sat Dec 7 11:30:56 EST 1996

Announcing Primordial Life 3.1 for Windows 95 and Windows NT

New in Primordial Life 3.1 is the ability to connect your artificial
life world to others over the Internet or intranet.  Instead of "biots"
(artificial life creatures) bouncing off walls, they can go through
walls to other computers.  Those computers, in turn, can connect to
others creating a biot universe virtually unlimited in size.  

In general, Primordial Life evolves artificial life forms both in a
screen saver and window.  Right now, the program focuses on
evolving form and motion.  Future versions will include behavior.

The computing requirements for evolving artificial life can be
staggering.  Now you can join forces with other artificial life
enthusiasts to create larger worlds supporting a larger diversity
of life forms.

Primordial Life 3.1 is shareware.  You can do most everything with
the unregistered version. You can download Primordial Life from

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