Dave York dyork at stratos.net
Sat Dec 7 10:23:00 EST 1996

Eugene Berezikov wrote:
> Can anybody point me to software searching palindroms in DNA sequences?
> Thanks in advance,
> Eugene Berezikov.

I don't have such software but would be interested in writing code to 
perform this function (free). If you can't locate such software anywhere 
else, here's what I need to know:
	1. What is maximum length of sequences?
	2. What format is the input file in (ASCII?)
	3. Assume you are looking for sequences of type:
		ATAGC....CGATA, correct?
	4. What do you expect output to look like?
	5. What platform and operating system are you using?
	   (e.g. PC w/Windows 3.1, Sun/UNIX, etc.)

Good luck! 
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