Software for behavior recording

L.P.J.J. Noldus & C.D.M.L. Niemer Lu.Do at Home.DiVa.nl
Sat Dec 7 17:15:49 EST 1996


>I am wondering if someone out there has made a software program that will 
>approximate chart recording.  That is, if I have a periodic behavior that
>I am testing, and I want to be able to record not only units activity/time,
>but also the durations between activities, is there a program I can use
>to do it? Ideally I'd want to be able to use a footpedal but a mouse would
>also do for input, and output would be best written to a file for analysis.
>I'd like to use one of our outdated IBM's for this, but a Mac program would
>also do.  (I could write the program myself, but surely someone else out   
>there has already done so, and it saves me the time of figuring out how to
>read footpedal as input and parameters for writing out the files, etc.)

We have developed a comprehensive package for the collection and
analysis of behavioral and observational data, called "The Observer".
For a description, see our website http://www.diva.nl/noldus, or go
ditrectly to The Observer's page
(http://www.diva.nl/noldus/prod_obs.htm). It reads keyboard, mouse or
computer pen input. It does not support footpedals as an input device,
but that may be a fairly easy addition.

Don't hesitate to contact me our US office if you have any questions.

Best regards,

Lucas Noldus

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