Retrieving sequence files from NCBI

Kim Worley kworley at bcm.tmc.edu
Wed Dec 4 13:11:00 EST 1996

Version 2.0 of the BCM Search Launcher Batch Client provides automatic
retrieval of FASTA formatted sequence files from lists of sequence IDs. 
The sequence file corresponding to each sequence ID is retrieved from
the NCBI's Entrez server, reformatted using Don Gilbert's Readseq and
stored automatically in a fasta formatted file in the user's directory.
These files are then available for further sequence analysis.

The BCM Search Launcher Batch Client is a command line interface to Web
based sequence analysis tools.  Follow the link "A Batch Client..." on
the home page below.

In reference to the other reply to this posting, Entrez is no longer
published on CDRom.

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