Software for behavior recording

Mon Dec 2 15:59:00 EST 1996

Dear Fellow Netters,

I am wondering if someone out there has made a software program that will 
approximate chart recording.  That is, if I have a periodic behavior that
I am testing, and I want to be able to record not only units activity/time,
but also the durations between activities, is there a program I can use
to do it? Ideally I'd want to be able to use a footpedal but a mouse would
also do for input, and output would be best written to a file for analysis.
I'd like to use one of our outdated IBM's for this, but a Mac program would
also do.  (I could write the program myself, but surely someone else out   
there has already done so, and it saves me the time of figuring out how to
read footpedal as input and parameters for writing out the files, etc.)

Thanks much in advance,

Peter Barrett
barrett at a1.tch.harvard.edu

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