First Base, an OS/2 mol. bio. program

rhughes at ucsd.edu rhughes at ucsd.edu
Wed Aug 28 01:13:31 EST 1996

Evidently I'm not the only OS/2 user who does molecular biology.  Twenty people 
have downloaded a copy of "First Base" since the end of last week.

I had thought there were no bugs but a few minor bugs were discovered and are now fixed.

The problem with the lack of mouse control over the primary window can, I think, 
be fixed by installing Windows fast load support (but I have no idea why).

For discussion of "First Base", it's merits and (gasp!) problems, I have replaced 
the lame e-mail form with an alpha version of "The Ceilidh", the C++ port of another
program I originally wrote in REXX that allows Web pages to host Usenet-type 
discussion groups of limited focus (I'm also looking for Windows 95/NT beta testers
for "The Ceilidh").

"First Base" and "The Ceilidh" can be found at the Insel Lab Home Page:  


and "The Ceilidh" Home Page itself is at least temporarilly located at:


Richard J. Hughes

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