Protein image software required (PMac)

Per Kraulis krpx at desmond.sto.pharmacia.se
Mon Aug 26 04:10:12 EST 1996

>         If Per Kraulis is reading this, I wonder if he could enlighten us
> as to whether he or anyone else has any plans on porting MolScript to the
> Mac or PC...
>                                 --  Mike S. (M_Sauder at fccc.edu)

Sorry, but I do not have any plans to prepare a Mac- or PC-specific
versions of MolScript. However, I believe that there are people who have
actually already made such ports, but unfortunately I haven't kept track
of who that was. Sorry about this.

In principle, I have no problem if you get an executable from someone
who has made one for Mac or PC, provided that you sign the license to me
first, of course.

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