First Base, a free molecular biology program for OS/2 Warp!

Greg jquinn at nntp.best.com
Fri Aug 23 23:29:59 EST 1996

rhughes at ucsd.edu wrote:
: <IMG SRC=http://www-insel.ucsd.edu/icons/1stbase.gif ALIGN=RIGHT>

: I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of First Base, the only (?) 
: molecular biology program written expressly for OS/2.

Thanks for making this available to everyone.


: I am contemplating rewriting the program in C++ and making it into  a
: commercial product.  

Can I suggest that you consider a port to Java instead ; not as dumb as it
first sounds. The next version of 95, released in a couple of months, will
have a built-in Java runtime (Yes, I know that '95' doesn't have a 100%
Windows PC market saturation yet, but's just a matter of time). This would
also instaneously make it multiplatform, and potentially create a larger


: Happy cloning!

There is no such thing!!


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