First Base, a free molecular biology program for OS/2 Warp!

rhughes at ucsd.edu rhughes at ucsd.edu
Fri Aug 23 00:04:52 EST 1996

<IMG SRC=http://www-insel.ucsd.edu/icons/1stbase.gif ALIGN=RIGHT>

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of First Base, the only (?) 
molecular biology program written expressly for OS/2.

We use this program, which I wrote in March/April this year, extensively in our 
laboratory for routine cloning work.  The bugs are pretty much all worked out, 
it is very easy to use, fast and, certainly for this price, I don't think you'll find 
anything to beat it.

In return for the use of this program, all I ask is that you give me some 
feedback.  I am contemplating rewriting the program in C++ and making it into 
a commercial product.  All those Windows users made Bill Gates a billionaire,
they can send a little money in my direction too!

If you don't use OS/2 Warp, then you won't be able to use this program.

You can download it right now from
<A href=http://www-insel.ucsd.edu>The Insel Lab Home Page</A>, that is,


Happy cloning!

Richard J. Hughes

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