Java class concensus?

Greg jquinn at nntp.best.com
Sat Aug 10 17:08:19 EST 1996

Just checked out Ilya Shindyalov and Phil Bourne's excellent QuickPDB java
applet, (see  previous post in this newsgroup), and it occurred to me that
it would be really cool if a standard set of biological java classes could
be agreed upon (for base functions) which could be distributed and loaded
onto the local machine running the java apps, which would reduce the
overall download time for a bio-app. In fact, all it would really require
is acentral 'registry' where one could upload a particular class which
would be included in the '.zip' distribution of the bio-app classes, and
likely in time, the most useful of these classes would be dominant and
other classes that performed similar functions would be removed from this
distribution (by the person who originally wrote them.).  The latest
facility of Netscape (beta7) to read a zip'd file of classes will
certainly speed up java app download, but with some real big classes, it
would be good if these were locally accessed. Maybe I am jumping the gun,
and it's too early yet to do this, but hey, you have to start somewhere!

Anyone feel like offering to act as a depository for this zipped file,
where people could upload their bio-classes with a short description of
what it does, and these would be added to the main zip file? Excuse me if
this already exists, but it's not very well publicized if it does!

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