TOPPRED program for MS Windows?

Manuel G. CLAROS claros at obelix.cica.es
Mon Aug 12 07:49:03 EST 1996

Desde un rincon del alma, Ole Andreas L|chen \kstad nos confiesa:
 > Does anybody know if the TOPPRED program (von Heijne G. (1992) Membrane
 > protein structure prediction. Hydrophobicity analysis and the positive
 > inside rule. J Mol Biol 225: 487-494) is available for PC (MS Windows)?

Yo can find TopPred II for macintoshes only (Claros & von Heijne,CABIOS 1994).
 However I am open to give the code (and it is said like this in the infos) 
to someone that want to translate it to Windows.
I know that someone in the Netherland made a version for MS-DOS, but it
is not like TopPred II but the initial TOP-PRED (harder to use).

 > I know that it is for MacIntosh, but ..... As far as I understand this is
 > the best program for making secondary structure predictions of membrane
 > proteins (?).

Thanks :-) This helps to improve and update it.
> If it is available, I would appreciate info on where and how to
 > get tha program (maybe it is possible to get it on the Web?).

I want TopPred to be a freeware... but only for mac by the moment :-/

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