Announcing ConsInspector 3.0 for UNIX and VAX/VMS

Kornelie Frech frech at gsf.de
Tue Aug 20 03:40:46 EST 1996

Announcing ConsInspector 3.0 for UNIX and VAX/VMS

ConsInspector is a program to scan nucleic acid sequences for matches to a
precompiled library of transcription factor binding sites. The program 
carries out an extensive examination of binding site candidates: the real
sequence is compared with randomly shuffled versions and sequence regions 
surrounding the conserved binding site are included into the analysis.

ConsInspector 3.0 is now available. Release 3.0 includes a considerably 
extended library of binding site descriptions (consensus profiles). The 
library encompasses now 37 consensus profiles of the following groups:
- prokaryotes (2 profiles)
- vertebrates (16 profiles)
- viruses (10 profiles)
- yeast (9 profiles)
Most consensus profiles of the original library have been improved by 
inclusion of additional sequences.

ConsInspector 3.0 is available for UNIX and VAX/VMS at




MAC- and DOS-Versions of ConsInspector 3.0 are not yet ready and will be
announced at a later date.

Kornelie Frech
GSF - Forschungszentrum fuer Umwelt und Gesundheit GmbH
Institut fuer Saeugetiergenetik / AG BIODV
D - 85758 Oberschleissheim

E-mail: frech at gsf.de

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