Sequence analysis services

Greg jquinn at nntp.best.com
Sat Aug 17 12:16:31 EST 1996

Bernard Bellon (bellon at abil.univ-mrs.fr) wrote:
: >> http://www.webgenetics.com

: >>It provides services for various computer analysis of DNA and protein
: >> sequences. There are dozens of programs available for various analysis.
: >> But the service is free only for the first two weeks.

: >Well, this looks really interesting; someone must have worked very
: >hard to construct this web package,

: Hum ... 
: All these programs sources are free available and many W3 interfaces are
:  also free available : the services access is not free of charge !!!
: I think that it is not in the scope of the biologist community ethics


Point taken, but I am assuming that he is using his own programs to
perform the tasks or has signed several commercial licenses, since it
would most likely be against many distribution licences to use them for
profit without prior agreement (and also, it might cause people to
think twice about allowing free access to source code if it could be
commercially abused in this way). However, I stick by what I suggested in
that it is a comprehensive set of interfaces/services; Personally I wince
when I see charges attached to computing services, however it's not
inconcievable that this could be useful to someone. I think that
it's probably not much use to you or I (the databases are well out of
date, for example) but I don't think that it's 'unethical', providing the
software is legally used.
I would even go further and suggest that this may be a future trend, as
larger companies get involved and set up their own central bio-computing
facilities, the requirement for local college/university full blown
facility is going to be difficult/impossible to financially justify in a
dwindling college budget. 


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