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Klaus Salger salger at zi.biologie.uni-muenchen.de
Sat Aug 17 06:45:18 EST 1996

o.gallay at ic.ac.uk wrote:
> Hi.
> Does anyone out there know of a program that will draw a frame around
> homologous segments of sequence in alignments, ie. like "prettybox" but
> without the shading?  I've often seen this sort of frame in publications, but
> everyone I know thinks this has to be done by hand.


I've also tried to find such a program but didn't succeed. The best
alternative that I know of is using a spreadsheet program (like Excel). 
These programs can read your alignment (as ASCII) putting one character
in each cell and allow to put lines at one or more sides of each cell so
you can "draw" your boxes.

Not really convenient but better than drawing the boxes by hand.

Hope this helps

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