Sequence analysis services

Greg jquinn at nntp.best.com
Fri Aug 16 22:37:28 EST 1996

Sys. Adm. (sysadm at webgenetics.com) wrote:

: Those who are looking for a comprehensive package of DNA/protein
: sequence analysis programs may pay a visit to                    

: http://www.webgenetics.com

: It provides services for various computer analysis of DNA and protein
: sequences. There are dozens of programs available for various analysis.
: But the service is free only for the first two weeks.
: Best regards,

Well, this looks really interesting; someone must have worked very
hard to construct this web package, which seems quite comprehensive. Good
to see that enterprising individuals are still around (no, I don't have a
piece of this action!)! My guess is that this could be the start of many
similar type services, particularly now with GCG allowing outsiders to buy
access to a their package via a special license, and the possibility of a
university or institute selling off spare computing capacity to help
subsidize the computing facility. Man, things are really going to change
over the next couple of years.

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