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Andy Phillips andy.phillips at bbsrc.ac.uk
Fri Aug 16 02:21:45 EST 1996

o.gallay at ic.ac.uk wrote:
> Hi.
> Does anyone out there know of a program that will draw a frame around
> homologous segments of sequence in alignments, ie. like "prettybox" but
> without the shading?  I've often seen this sort of frame in publications, but
> everyone I know thinks this has to be done by hand.
> Please e-mail as well as post!

Genedoc (available from http://www.cris.com/~ketchup/genedoc.shtml) will output a 
lineup in PICT format, which can (theoretically) be imported into drawing packages. You 
can then draw your own boxes around conserved regions. In practise, however, I found 
that CorelDraw6 failed to align the characters properly, and Freelance crashed on 
importing large lineups. <sigh>

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