printing a .ps file on a macintosh

Gustavo Glusman bmgustav at bioinfo.weizmann.ac.il
Thu Aug 15 05:08:17 EST 1996

In article <4ual4i$qn2 at bubba.NMSU.Edu> D. KIM, dkim at nmsu.edu writes:
>I would like to print a .ps file (raw postscript, NOT EPS) from a 
>Macintosh.  This is accomplished on an IBM PC compatible using the DOS 
>copy/b command, but on a Mac, there seems to be no easy way to do it.

Get the Drop€PS utility. You just drop PostScript files on it, and they
are printed without any trouble.
The version I have is 1.0 from 1993. Its creator is Richard M. Siegel.
I can email it to you if needed (just send me email asking for it).

If there's a newer version I'd like to know, but I never had any problem
with it, so it looks like there are no bugs to be fixed.

Best luck,

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