printing a .ps file on a macintosh

Rab A. Harper harper at ebi.ac.uk
Mon Aug 12 11:03:15 EST 1996

On 7 Aug 1996, D. KIM wrote:

> I would like to print a .ps file (raw postscript, NOT EPS) from a 
> Macintosh.  This is accomplished on an IBM PC compatible using the DOS 
> copy/b command, but on a Mac, there seems to be no easy way to do it.

     file size: 42 K (42772 bytes) 
     file date: Oct 28,1994
     path: prn/

     The attached StuffIt Deluxe archive contains version 1.1.3 of
Drop*PS, the PostScript(tm) file downloader from Bare Bones Software. This
updated version corrects a bug which would render Drop*PS unable to see
network printers on multi-zone networks. Drop*PS provides the ability to
download PostScript or EPS files to any network-connected PostScript
printer. ...

     file size: 45 K (46344 bytes) 
     file date: Jul 17,1996
     path: publish/o-p/

     Postman 1.1 - Postman is your basic drag-and-drop Postscript
downloader utility but with a few important bells and whistles. It batch
downloads any combination of Postscript text and EPS files to your 
Chooser-selected Postscript printer. In addition, you can call it to
selectively download or remove fonts, apply standard "Page SetupŠ"
transformations like flipping and inverting the  page, centre the
imageable area and print multiple copies or particular pages within the
Postscript file. Postman also summarises important details such as
image size, number of pages  and font usage for you. Postman is small,
fast, smart and cheap! 

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