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Mark Heiges mheiges at cb.uga.edu
Mon Aug 12 21:11:57 EST 1996

In article <4ugb77$10r at elle.eunet.no>, john.norheim at login.eunet.no (John
Norheim) wrote:

> Converting  *.tif - files 
> Problem:        Converting all *.tif - files in a directory from
>                 color to black-white.

A Macintosh with Photoshop and the free Photomatic plugin (from Daystar
<http://www.daystar.com> ) installed will allow you to record the steps to
grayscale conversion (or any other manipulation steps) in Photoshop. The
steps can be played back for batch processing. This is a bulky method for
such a simple task but it works and simpler methods don't come to my mind.


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