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Sun Aug 11 09:34:08 EST 1996

I don't know about TOPPRED, but the PredictProtein server at EMBL can
perhaps be of help to you.


The follwing was copied from their server.

Refined prediction of transmembrane helices and topology (PHDtopology;
examples for: request; and output) 

The neural network prediction of transmembrane helices (PHDhtm) is
refined by a dynamic
programming-like algorithm. This method resulted in correct predictions
of all transmembrane
helices for 89% of the 131 proteins used in a cross-validation test;
more than 98% of the
transmembrane helices were correctly predicted. The output of this
method is used to predict
topology, i.e., the orientation of the N-term with respect to the
membrane. The expected accuracy
of the topology prediction is > 86%. Prediction accuracy is higher than
average for eukaryotic
proteins and lower than average for prokaryotes. PHDtopology is more
accurate than all other
methods tested on identical data sets (Rost, Casadio & Fariselli, 1996a
and 1996b; evaluation of

Hope this can be of any help.

Mads Noerregaard-Madsen
Dept. Mol. Biol.
Odense University

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