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Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Fri Aug 9 08:33:40 EST 1996

nccrsrch at ix.netcom.com(Nemours Research) wrote:

This is a very simple tast so any programmer should be able to make a
small program like that within two weeks. If the programmer is using
Visual Basic then the database routines are really advanced and very
(I mean very) easy to use. He will need a aquisition card from e.g.
National Instruments (many of them supports Visual Basic). 

NB The program could be made in any language. I just prefer VB because
it is so easy to use. I'm sorry that I do not have the time to help

>Is anyone aware of outcomes software or companies that do this type of
>programming: I need to monitor the effectiveness of a medical device,
>and would like to link hospital cost accounting to such measures as
>time on device, incidence of adverse effects, so that each site may see
>their own results.

>Is the best way to manage this through a central database and allow
>access?  I would like to distribute such software with each device so
>that sites may monitor the effectiveness of the device themselves.

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