Ambis densitometry softwar- importing files

Simon Twigger simont at post.its.mcw.edu
Fri Aug 9 11:33:54 EST 1996

Hi there,

We have the Ambis densitometry software and I would like to import files 
so that I can use the software for basic densitometry. If I need to do 
accurate measurements we have the scanner but it is miles away in another
department, so I would like to be able to scan in autorads as TIF files,
convert them to RAW format and pop them into Ambis to get some readings. I
accept that they wont be as accurate as they could be, but that isnt a

I have tried taking tif files and converting them to RAW using Adobe
Photoshop, however, when I come to load them up into Ambis, it fails to
display the picture. When I save the file as RAW it asks for 'header size'
the default being '0' and it may be that this is the wrong number in this

Has anyone managed to import files into Ambis in this way, and if so, how
did you manage it! :)

Thanks in advance,


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