Bioinformatics Courses and Courseware (even of the paper kind!)

Michael Wise michaelw at cs.su.oz.au
Thu Aug 8 23:56:30 EST 1996

I am currently two lists relating to the teaching of Bioinformatics.

Firstly, to help with some local politics, I would like to put together
a list of Bioinformatics courses been offered around the world. The sort of
information I require is:

 *) Title of course and where offered
 *) Level of couse ug (which year)/pg
 *) duration
 *) assumed knowledge/client population
 *) (if possible) rough list of topics covered

The second list I am trying to compile is a list of bioinformatics
teaching resources. Obvious choices here include the various
ISMB and HICSS-Bio/PSB conferences, ``Sequence Analysis Primer'',
but then what? Of course, I'd also include Web-based resources, but
in this case I'm really only interested in course-materials sites
rather than sites with tools, or sites which mainly point to other sites, 
which point to other sites, which .... 

I plan to place the latter list on the Web, but if there's sufficient
interest, I can do the same with the first list.

Finally, perhahaps I have simply missed it, but cannot see a bionet.software
subgroup interested in bioinformatics education. Perhaps there is one somewhere
else in the bionet heirarchy?

Cheers (and thanks)

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