TOPPRED program for MS Windows?

Ole Andreas L|chen kstad aloechen at bioslave.uio.no
Fri Aug 9 09:39:57 EST 1996

Does anybody know if the TOPPRED program (von Heijne G. (1992) Membrane
protein structure prediction. Hydrophobicity analysis and the positive
inside rule. J Mol Biol 225: 487-494) is available for PC (MS Windows)? I
know that it is for MacIntosh, but ..... As far as I understand this is
the best program for making secondary structure predictions of membrane
proteins (?).
If it is available, I would appreciate info on where and how to
get tha program (maybe it is possible to get it on the Web?).
Any answer will be greatly appreciated!

Ole Andreas Oekstad
PhD student
Biotechnology Centre of Oslo

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