GeneDoc 1.1.4 Release (Shading and Alignment Utility for PC/Windows)

Ketchup Ketchup at cris.com
Thu Aug 8 22:54:06 EST 1996

Please be informed that GeneDoc 1.1.4 has been released onto GeneDoc's
web site.


The biggest reasons for this release are Bug Fixes and Phylogenetic
Tree support.

1.1.004 CHANGES:

Added Phylogenetic Scoring support. 
Added ability to read directly Phylips or Nexus style tree description
Added show current score table values. 
Added Scoring Information output for Phylogenetic scoring. 
Fixed Deleting the last sequence in the tree special case bug. 
Fixed DNA File open and set correct score table problem. 
Fixed DNA Score Table values being in error. 
Fixed Fasta file import. 
Fixed Import from Sequence Edit. 
Fixed Attempting to open Tree View, Score View or Stat view after File
Fixed Copy to Clipboard as a BitMap. 
Fixed Cursor doesn't show on first opening of stat or score view. 
Fixed PictFile cuts half of Lower Consensus line off. 
Fixed Print Preview with Child window not maximized. 


GeneDoc's Purpose and Features.

GeneDoc is a full featured Multiple Sequence Alignment Editor and
Shading Utility with Phylogenetic tree support. GeneDoc is also
intended to help you bring your genetics research work to publication
with lots of shading, page and font layout features. This is a utility
that reads either .MSF multiple Sequence alignment files or can Import
Fasta Format files to be saved as a .MSF file project.

GeneDoc provides a comprehensive range of shading modes, functions and
capabilities. These functions give flexible ways to look at the data
and to show important concepts. Shading can even be done manually! 

GeneDoc provides output many different ways. You can print directly to
the printer, export BitMaps, Text or MAC style Pict files.

GeneDoc is an alignment editor, that is it allows you to Edit the
alignment so that different residues from each sequence are lined up
with each other. This is accomplished by moving the residues in one or
all but one) sequence relative to the other sequences by inserting or
deleting gaps. GeneDoc also features the exclusive Grab and Drag mode,
arranging residues like beads on a string. A residue editing mode is
available to allow you to change the residues values themselves. Built
in DayHoff and BlockSum scoring functions allow you to be sure your
alignment changes are improving the score. Scores can be determined
either by a Sum of Pairs method or with the Phylogenetic tree support.
GUI implimentation makes it all so easy to use!

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