Marketing Help for Software Developers

Geoff Falconar info at Falconar.com
Thu Aug 8 12:26:02 EST 1996

...You have developed a viable, leading edge technology product that needs
a boost into the marketplace...

...Your company is currently almost 100% dedicated to product development
and engineering and you realize that this orientation won't do wonders for

...You want to take your product / service international, as that is where
the real big numbers are for your product...

...You need to exhibit at a major trade show and are worried about the
tremendous cost and if it will pay for itself...

...Your company can benefit from expert, hands-on help in developing its

...You know there's potential to do a lot of business with large
corporations but you really are not sure how to start off going about

A company called FALCONAR MARKETING SERVICES can help you in affordable,
bite-sized pieces of marketing consulting and management project work.

<ENTER> the Web site for Falconar Marketing Services at:
and see how we can help you get the maximum potential investment <RETURN>.

Then you can <CLEAR> your mind of marketing stuff and get back to doing
what you really do best while your company grows.

If you don't have a Web browser, there is an <ALT> way of contact us for
more information:

_/  FALCONAR MARKETING SERVICES                                   _/
_/  Phone: 403 448-9100          _/_/_/_/  _/_/_/_/_/   _/_/_/_/  _/ 
_/  Fax:          479-2093      _/        _/  _/  _/   _/         _/
_/  11930 - 76 ST              _/_/_/    _/  _/  _/   _/_/_/_/    _/
_/  Edmonton  AB   T5B 2C7    _/        _/      _/         _/     _/
_/  Canada                   _/        _/      _/   _/_/_/_/      _/
_/  E-mail: Info at Falconar.com                                     _/
_/  Web Site:  www.Falconar.com                                   _/
_/                                                                _/
_/  Marketing consulting and project management specializing in:  _/
_/    -> International Marketing & Sales                          _/
_/    -> Trade Show Exhibiting Management                         _/
_/    -> Dealer Network Development                               _/
_/    -> Transition from Development to Marketing Orientation     _/

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