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Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Tue Aug 6 00:36:09 EST 1996

Dear Reader

I have made a program for Windows95 that basically is a recipe program.
The program has two major parts. A chemical database and a solution
database. By clicking on the toolbar you can jump from one to another.
When you are in the chemical database you can transfer chemicals from a
spreedsheet to the current solution, by pressing the right mouse button
and chosing "transfer".

In the solution window you can add the desired concentration of the
chemical and the program will calculate the amount of grams (mg or ml)
that you need to make e.g. 1000 ml of the solution.

Changing the volume will also change the calculation.

The printouts are really nice and they stamped with date and time for
the printout. 

At the printout you will also find the Chemical name, chemical formula
and the location of the chemical. This is very useful because I often
find myself walking back and forth to the chemical database to find the
location of a drug that I forgot where is.

This version is freeware, but I would like your comments and ideas for

Click on the image map for PROGRAMS
Program name : CHEMBASE 0.1
Zipped file : CHEM.ZIP contains installation program
Requirements : WIN95 and a screen resolution of minimum 800x600
(best viewed in 1024x768)

NB The current version must be installed in the directory C:\CHEMBASE to
work. The installation program (SETUP.EXE) will by default try to
install in C:\PROGRAM FILES\CHEMBASE, but then the program can't find
the database.

Enjoy it
Lars Thomsen

Lars Thomsen, MSc. PhD.
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email : lthomsen at interlynx.net
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