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> Dear Netters;
> I just got a new powermac 8500, and I've been experimenting with
> voice-activated control. I'd like to be able to use a voice command to
> tell the thing to capture a picture from my video camera to disk.
> (Specifically, I'd like to be able to tell it to take a picture of a
> fluorescent gel without having to touch, i.e., contaminate, the
> computer). The problem is, the "Apple Video Player" application won't
> launch when speech recognition is on, because they both want to use the
> microphone, and they don't share.
> So I thought I could write a script to shut off voice recognition from
> the "Speech" control panel, launch  "Apple Video Player", take a
> picture, shut off  "Apple Video Player", reactivate Voice Recognition,
> and tell me it had finished the job.
> No joy. Neither  "Apple Video Player" nor the Speech control panel seem
> to be scriptable. Can it be?
> Any suggestions?
> TIA<
> Bob


I've not tried to do what you're doing, so take this with the requisite
grains of salt.

1. Use Quickeys from CE software. You can use it to open the requisite
control panels, change their status, etc. It can be controlled from within
Applescript, or you can set up macros so that they can be activated from
the speech recognizer. As far as I know, Quickeys is still the best way to
control applications that can't be scripted through Applescript.

2. Dump the Apple Video Player and use other software (e.g., NIH Image to
capture your video. Image supports a number of video boards, plug-in
digitizers, etc., and may be able to do what you want. The web site for
Image is <http://rsb.info.nih.gov/nih-image/

Good luck,

Jeff Willner

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