[Web]: protein 2ary structure from CD spectra using NNs

J.J. Merelo Guervos jmerelo at kal-el.ugr.es
Mon Aug 5 17:34:54 EST 1996

Dear usenetters:

We announce the establishment of a web server for prediction of
protein secondary structure percentages from UV circular dichroism
spectra. You only need to submit 41 CD values ranging from 200 nm 
to 240 nm (given in deg cm^2 dmol^-1 multiplied by 0.001) and
the server gives back the estimated percentages of helix, beta and
rest of secondary structure of your protein plus an estimation of
the accuracy of the prediction.

The prediction is done using a Kohonen neural network with a 2-dimensional 
output layer. The algorithm has been published [1, 2] and possitively 
referenced in a recent review [3]. The program itself (k2d) can be
retrieved by anonymous ftp (see the k2d home page for details). 

The http address of the k2d server is:

The home page of the k2d program is at:
or at

As the server just began we would be very grateful in
receiving your feedback about it.

J.J. Merelo
M.A. Andrade


[1] Merelo, J.J., M.A. Andrade, A. Prieto and F. Moran. 1994. 
Neurocomputing. 6, 443-454 

[2] Andrade, M.A., P. Chacon, J.J. Merelo and F. Moran. 1993. 
Prot. Eng. 6, 383-390 

[3] Greenfield, N.J. 1996. 
Anal. Biochem., 235, 1-10 

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