Free program that drawa a voltage profile a copies it to the clipboard (WIN95, 32bit)

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at interlynx.net
Fri Aug 2 03:59:14 EST 1996

Dear Reader
I have made a program that generates a voltage profile as used 
when doing whole cell recordings. I made the program because
PClamp6 is a DOS program and impossible with graphics. I then
bought MicroCal Origin, but eventhough that this program has a
PClamp module, it simply doesn't import the voltage profile and
then you have to draw it yourself (that takes a lot of time)

So you can get it from my homepage. Click on the label "PROGRAMS".
The name of the program is "PROFILE" it is a true 32bit WIN95 program.

Requires 800x600 as the minimum screen resolution.

Whenever you change a setting the picture is updated and copied
automatically to the clipboard.

The cost of the program is your comments, otherwise there are no fees.
So please send me line or two.



Have a nice time
Lars Thomsen, MSc. PhD.
115 South Oval, Hamilton, L8S1R2 Ontario, Canada
tel +1 905 777 0720   fax +1 905 777 0738
email : lthomsen at interlynx.net
homepage : http://home.interlynx.net/~lthomsen/index.htm

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