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Torben Gjetting tor at biobase.dk
Thu Aug 1 16:11:40 EST 1996

Marek Treiman wrote:
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> Hi netters! Does anyone know about a simple, inexpensive (or
> shareware) software to help in the routine reading of your sequencing
> films? I don’t mean optical scanning, extensive manipulations etc. -
> just simply to enable one to supply as input the first few bases read
> and to ask for an alignment with the previously supplied longer
> reference sequence ( for inst. your standard sequence, or a homologous
> sequence), to make it easy to orient yourself where you are?
> Many thanks for hints!

The Danish Biobase offers access to the GCG package. In this collection 
of molecular biology tools you would be interested in the GELASSEMBLE 
program, which allows you to do the tricks you mention above.

Best regards.
Torben Gjetting.

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