Windows Based Plasmid Drawing/Construction Software Wanted

Ross Crowhurst RCrowhurst at hort.cri.nz
Mon Apr 29 01:26:22 EST 1996

I am looking for a good (commercial, shareware, or freeware) plasmid drawing/vector construction programme for 
MS-Windows 3.1/95 to augment GCG's own plasmidmap. So far I have found and downloaded demo versions of Vector 
NTI and WinPlas 2.5 from the WWW.

Does anyone know of or use any programmes beside the two mentioned above for drawing plasmid diagrams, vector 
construction illustrations. The only limitation on recommendations would be that the programme must accept GCG 
and Genbank sequence files, run on the MS-Windows Platform (although UNIX is also an option), and not be part 
of a "suite" of programmes that replicate GCG unless the plasmid drwaing component can be purchased as an 
individual module.

If anyone knows of such programmes I would really appreciate it if you would EMAIL me directly with your 
recommendations and if possible information on where a demo version may be obtained.

Thanks in advance

Ross Crowhurst HRARNC at MARC.CRI.NZ

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