What kind of software is this, please give me advise!

Ronald / Sonja veloo at worldaccess.nl
Fri Apr 26 08:47:27 EST 1996

Hello out there,

Here is my story ..................

Via some friends I got a CD-rom from the Middle East which contains about 600 
Mb of valuable software. Of course, I know, this is not a legal copy and you 
won't find it in a normal store in the western countries like Europe, Australia 
and US. Anyway, I don't mind of course about this. After installation of the 
most valuable software like Windows95 (& Plus Options), MS Backoffice products 
and Corel Draw 6 (yes, it's true, all on one CD!) there were some 30 other 
applications left of which I regocnized a few and did intall some of them. 
However, after installation of one of these other products (Delrina Fax Pro) I 
got very bad troubles with my system and after a few hours of sweating and lots 
of frustration I decided to reinstall all the software.

And here are my questions ................

As I've told you, there were a lot of other applications of which I haven't got 
the slightest idea what it is, and what I can do with it. Here are the names:

1.  Quicken
2.  Super Base 95
3.  Side Kick
4.  Soft Ram
5.  Dashboard for Win95
6.  Drag & File
7.  Visual Foxpro
8.  MacFee Scan
9.  Power Builder 95 (+ Toolkits)
10. Caligari Truespace
11. Smart Page
12. Novell Perfect Office
13. Power Manager
14. PC File V
15. Fractal Design Painter
16. Adobe Type Manager
17. Avery Label Pro
18. Code Wright v3.1
19. Music Time v2.0

Can you please e-mail me personally if you know one or more of these programs, 
and you think it is worth intalling it. Of course I do not feel like intalling 
useless programs and taking the risk to have problems again. I still take that 
risk if I install one of the programs you hopefully will advice to me, but that 
risk I want to take if the chance of getting new, usefull, programs is excists.

Any advice on this is wellcome, also if you disadvice to install one of these 

Thanks a lot, and greetings from the Netherlands!


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