Program for testing incongruences

Thomas K. Dibenedetto tdib at umich.edu
Thu Apr 25 18:10:43 EST 1996

Tosak Seelanan (tosak at iastate.edu) wrote:
: I have data sets from the same set of taxa, and these data sets gave 
: different phylogeneies.  I would like to get a phylogeny based on 
: combined data set, but I have to prove whether incongruence between data 
: sets is not significant.  

Sorry I cant help with Farris' email address, but I was just wondering 
what "significance" could possibly mean in this context... I mean, either 
the two phylogenies are the same or they are not. Why would you need to 
prove anything in order to combine the two data-sets?

Tom diBenedetto
Fish Division
University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

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