Program for testing incongruences

Tosak Seelanan tosak at iastate.edu
Wed Apr 24 10:35:32 EST 1996


I have data sets from the same set of taxa, and these data sets gave 
different phylogeneies.  I would like to get a phylogeny based on 
combined data set, but I have to prove whether incongruence between data 
sets is not significant.  I do know that Dr. James S. Farris et al. 
(Cladistic 10:315-319, 1995) described the use of U statistic to test 
statistically whether incongruence is significant and they used program 
called "arn" to do so.  I would appreciate any suggestion to get this 
program (or similar ones) or e-mail address of Dr. James S. Farris (or 
other authors listed in the paper) so that I can contact him directly.

Thank you very much.
Tosak Seelanan           |     Department of Botany, Bessey Hall 353, 
tosak at iastate.edu        |  Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011,U.S.A.

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