GeneDoc Multiple Sequence Alignment Editor Version 1.0.11 Available

ketchup Ketchup at cris.com
Tue Apr 23 18:40:43 EST 1996

GeneDoc Multiple Sequence Alignment Editor for MS/Windows Version
1.0.11 is available for download at:


Downloads are available directly from this page as well as via an FTP
site this page points to.

There is also a Dec Alpha/NT version available, though the most recent
version may not have been compiled yet.

GeneDoc is an alignment editor, that is it allows you to EDIT THE
ALIGNMENT so that different residues from each sequence are lined up
with each other.  This is accomplished by moving the residues in one
(or all but one) sequence relative to the other sequences by inserting
or deleting gaps or using GeneDoc's Grab and Drag mode.  The sequence
residues themselves are protected from accidental deletion, insertion,
or modification and cannot be edited. 


1.0.011 CHANGES:

Added Chemical Property Mode Displays, menus, and functions.

Added Project Type menu and Flag.

Use Appropriate Defaults for Similarity and Property Group Tables 
  depending on Project Type.

Display 'T' or 'U' on consensus line depending on DNA/RNA project

Removed MFC40.DLL or MFC250.DLL.

Changed Difference/Top Sequence Mode Display.

Fixed GlobalReAlloc bug.

Added Lots of error checking.

Fixed Project CheckSum Check bug.

Changed Default User Font to Courier New

Project Titling facility

Lots of Help File updates.


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