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Rob Miller rmiller at bsm.bioc.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Apr 19 06:41:45 EST 1996

Dr. Alex (aledain at receptor.pharm.uwa.edu.au) wrote:
: >vonbuskr at vivanet.com (R. VonBuskirk) wrote:
: >
: >> Im trying to find a software program that will:
: >> 
: >>         1.  start a program at a specific time
: >>         2.  Run the program for a specific time
: >>         3.  Close the program
: >> 
: >> Does anyone have any Ideas???
: >> 
: >   buehler+ at pitt.edu (Eugen C. Buehler) wrote:
: >   Well if you're smart enough to be using a Macintosh, it should take
: >about five minutes to write an Applescript that would do what you want. 
: >Here's what it would look like:
: >
: > ... script snipped ...
: >
: >If you're using Windows 95 (aka Mac 88) or any of those other, lesser
: >platforms, you're on your on.

: Not so true. If you run Warp then a turbo pascal prog written thus:  

... prgram snipped ...

Not so indeed.  If you run Windows 95 (`then you have my sympathies...'
it's ok, I use it too :-)  you can get the W95 `Plus!' add ons, which 
include a scheduler program which does what you request. 

Now if you're *really* smart, you're running Linux or some other Unix(tm)
variant - in which case you simply use the `at' command - `man at' or 
`man cron' for details.


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