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Dr. Alex aledain at receptor.pharm.uwa.edu.au
Thu Apr 18 20:25:16 EST 1996

>In article <4krthn$f1q at vivanews.vivanet.com>, vonbuskr at vivanet.com (R.
>VonBuskirk) wrote:
>> Im trying to find a software program that will:
>>         1.  start a program at a specific time
>>         2.  Run the program for a specific time
>>         3.  Close the program
>> Does anyone have any Ideas???
>In article <buehler+-1704961501550001 at 7100powerpc.mgen.pitt.edu>,
>   buehler+ at pitt.edu (Eugen C. Buehler) wrote:
>   Well if you're smart enough to be using a Macintosh, it should take
>about five minutes to write an Applescript that would do what you want. 
>Here's what it would look like:
> ... script snipped ...
>If you're using Windows 95 (aka Mac 88) or any of those other, lesser
>platforms, you're on your on.

Not so true. If you run Warp then a turbo pascal prog written thus:  

if time=runtime then exec(program)
if time>endtime then done:=true
until done

with Warp setting of the idle sensitivity means this prog only uses minimum 
resources (just like Apples). I'm sure a REXX prog (from Warp) would do it 
very (much more) elegantly too.

Getting back to the original request, I have written program that runs 
other programs at set times in Windoze and Dos, if you would like the code, 
email me.

cheers, Alex.

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